UltraStream™ Chronic Dialysis Catheter

UltraStream™ Chronic Dialysis Catheter

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UltraStream™ Chronic Dialysis Catheter

UltraStream Chronic Dialysis Catheter (CDC) is specifically designed for over-the-wire (OTW) or peel-away insertion techniques. The unique dual independent arterial lumen design and kink resistant material ensures adequate flow rates. UltraStream CDC is indicated for the use of hemodialysis or apheresis

:Other features include

Transitionless tip design provides atraumatic OTW placement or insertion through a peel-away sheath-
Shortened length between distal lumens allows for more accurate tip placement-
Dual arterial lumens makes up 65% of catheter ID which reduces the risk of catheter side walling-
Kink resistant, radiopaque Carbothane™ provides strength for catheter longevity and softness for patient comfort-
Durable luer connectors, that are compatible with a broad spectrum of cleansing agents, are ergonomically designed to withstand multiple connections reducing the risk of cracking

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تعداد بازدید : 276
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